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May 2015

mason jar feature

8 Awesome Mason Jar Candle Ideas To Inspire You

Here at Candle Junkies, we love ring candles, essential oils, and soy candles too. Another thing we love just about as much is Mason jar candles. From red, white, and blue candles for Independence Day to confetti candles for Easter, we adore combining our…

May 29, 2015
essential oils for candles
Essential Oils Informative

Essential Oils For Candles – Part 2

How Should I Use Essential Oils For the most part, essential oils are usually inhaled or used on the skin. They are sometimes consumed directly, but that is not recommended without expert supervision. Some oils can be toxic when ingested, or there could be…

May 16, 2015
essential oils
Essential Oils Informative

Essential Oils For Candles – Part 1

What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils are the natural, pure oils obtained from plants and trees through steam distillation or cold expression, often referred to as cold-press. The best essential oils are not processed or modified any further than that. The actual smell will…

May 16, 2015
candle safety tips

Candle Safety Tips

Candle Safety Fire can bring us together. Think of candles or a campfire. They are symbols of romance and good times, but fire can also tear us apart. When I was a teenager, the house next door burned down to the foundation. At one…

May 4, 2015